Why Choose XpressTech

Why Choose XpressTech

XpressTech has enjoyed successful client satisfaction records for over 20 years that we are extremely proud of. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service with the skills and knowledge to help clients invest in and maintain the right technology, has been at the forefront of our success.

Finding the right IT service provider can be difficult. IT service providers come in many different shapes and sizes, and each has a different appeal. You may find yourself asking:

  • How do I know if they’re the right fit?
  • Do they tick all the boxes for what my business needs and expects?
  • How will the transition from my current IT provider affect my business?
  • Does my current IT provider’s limitations warrant change?

We can answer all these questions with a simple consultation. Our consultations are free, quick and efficient and comes with an offer for a systems evaluation. Before you decide to shift your IT service management to XpressTech, you will have all the information you need to make the right informed decision about the ongoing support of your IT systems.

The following information gives you an overview of the things we do that make us stand out from our competition. We back this with client testimonials and, after an initial consultation, can provide references for you to contact. We’re an open book when it comes to referrals.

When you have a client base who continue to enjoy the services you provide for over 20 years, we know we’re doing something right.

Why choose us?

Complete End-to-End Support

XpressTech is an IT solution and technology provider which offers end-to-end support to its customers – from determining business needs to implementing the technology components.

Customized, Affordable Pricing

We provide customized and affordable pricing, and a transparent approach to suit your IT solution requirements. Meaning there are no surprises when it comes to the cost of the service.

Service Quality

We aim to provide the highest customer service to all our clients regardless of their size and industry. Our goal is to build long term relationships based on trust and commitment to quality service.


We have had over 20 years’ experience in IT services. With depth and breadth of experience covering a diverse range of industries, we can ensure you have reliable IT support for all your IT needs.

Quick Response

We are available for your assistance 24/7, on the help desk, remote support & on-site, with extensive expertise to meet your IT support needs, and a commitment to deliver mission critical services within the required timeframes.

Innovative Technology

We commit not only to deploying innovative technology that saves our clients time and money, but we also regularly update our own technology and processes to increase our efficiency.

Dedicated IT Specialists

Highly skilled, qualified, and certified IT professionals who are passionate in all facets of IT delivering outstanding customer service and exceeding client expectations and business objectives.

Understand Your Business

We have a deep understanding of many industries and their line of business applications. We are not just a technology provider, we gain insight into your business to understand what you need to succeed.

Flexible Service

Each client has a unique set of requirements. Our flexible contracts with no tie in periods allow us to customize them to your needs, giving you more choice and optimizing efficiency.

Personal Service

We believe that our size supports our flexibility, large enough to deal with any crisis, but small enough to offer a personal service. Although we offer a full B2B relationship, we interact on a very personal level just like an internal IT Department.

We combine technical expertise with superior professional service to delivery solutions that work. Cost Effective, Guaranteed, IT Solutions.

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XpressTech offers the most comprehensive software range at the most competitive price online. All major brands are catered to suit all needs. 

Cloud Storage

XpressTech has partnered with Dropbox and Wasabi to offer high quality cloud storage services to store all your files securely off site, and allow for seamless collaboration.

Website Hosting

Whether you need a full-featured top-of-the-line hosting product, a simple hosting platform, or just a professional email address, we have the product for you.

Network Solutions

We design the entire network topology and incorporate all of your network infrastructure needs to accommodate your business’s requirements.

Domain Names

We have extensive experience with providing high quality domain name registration services with highly competitive prices, and are backed by Australia’s largest registrar.

Website Design

Stand out with a website for your business. In today’s marketplace, a professional and effective website is essential if you want to stand-out.


We have a team of highly qualified software developers and programmers that utilise the latest technologies to develop custom applications.

IT Support

We provide IT Support and assistance for all technology devices both onsite and remotely. Our IT support is swift so that you receive as little interruption as possible.


XpressTech is committed to the provision of high quality PC hardware at the most competitive prices to all of our clients, from small to large sizes.

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