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XpressTech is an IT solution and technology provider which offers end-to-end support to it’s customers – from determining business needs to implementing the technology components.

We are a well established company that has over 13 years extensive experience in all areas of IT. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technology so we can offer the most comprehensive and cost effective solutions to our clients. Additionally we offer a money back gurantee on all of our services, that is how confident we are of the high level of service you receive, and the solutions that we provide.

We provide free initial consultations and do not charge to help you decide on the most appropriate solution to meet your requirements. You will only receive a bill once you decide on a solution and we commence work. Full payment takes place upon satisfactory completion. *

With our hardware solutions, and even our IT based solutions, we provide limited free tutorials to individuals or entire staff on use of the new systems or services to help in the transition to the new systems. And if you purchase a computer we will deliver and install free of charge.

We pride ourselves in repsonding to any enquiries in a timely manner, whether it be an initial query or a support call, we will get back to you within 48 hours or sooner depending on the nature of the call and the severity of the problem.

All are great reasons to give us a call at XpressTech to discuss your needs and hear more about some of our complete IT solutions.

*Please refer to XpressTech Terms & Conditions for further details regarding payment terms for certain services.

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