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XpressTech has a team of highly qualified software developers and programmers that utilise the latest technologies to develop custom applications that meet any requirements. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions that cater to the needs for all businesses, whether large companies or small businesses. We ensure that our solutions are not only efficient but cost effective, thus allowing for clients to be able to have solutions developed that are tailored exactly to their needs, rather than purchasing highly expensive off the shelf products.

At XpressTech we appreciate the fact that it is crucial to gain an understanding of your exact needs and expectations, hence prior to the commencement of any application development project our team of specialists will sit with you and ensure that we have all the information necessary to deliver a product that meets all of your requirements. At all stages of the application development project we maintain close communication with your own IT staff, to ensure that they are constantly kept informed during the entire length of the project.

We develop applications on all the major platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. With XpressTech you can feel confident that your requirements will be converted into a functioning application that is also tailored to your business.

Our primary objective is to deliver a solution that not only meets all of your requirements and is cost effective, but also complies with the highest industry standards. All applications developed are tested extensively to ensure that installation post final delivery is seamless. We also provide your staff with training on the new software and extensive support and documentation. All of this guarantees that you no longer have to compromise with off the shelf solutions and decide to utilise the custom application services of XpressTech.

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XpressTech offers the most comprehensive software range at the most competitive price online. All major brands are catered to suit all needs. 

Cloud Storage

XpressTech has partnered with Dropbox and Wasabi to offer high quality cloud storage services to store all your files securely off site, and allow for seamless collaboration.

Website Hosting

Whether you need a full-featured top-of-the-line hosting product, a simple hosting platform, or just a professional email address, we have the product for you.

Network Solutions

We design the entire network topology and incorporate all of your network infrastructure needs to accommodate your business’s requirements.

Domain Names

We have extensive experience with providing high quality domain name registration services with highly competitive prices and are backed by Australia’s largest registrar.

Website Design

Stand out with a website for your business. In today’s marketplace, a professional and effective website is essential if you want to stand-out.


XpressTech is committed to the provision of high quality PC hardware at the most competitive prices to all of our clients, from small to large sizes.

IT Support

We provide IT Support and assistance for all technology devices both onsite and remotely. Our IT support is swift so that you receive as little interruption as possible.

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